Meet Dr. Bobby Buka

He’s our favorite dermatologist here at Sherpaa. He has three beautiful offices in lots of conveniently located neighborhoods in the city. He’s a bit of an overachiever. He didn’t stop at just medical school. He also had to get his law degree. Bobby is one of our specialists. We have two kinds of doctors at Sherpaa— doctors we hire as part of our team to answer emails and calls and, secondly, specialists we really like and respect who we refer our clients to when needed.

We do not hire specialists. We simply refer to them and no money ever changes hands between Sherpaa and our specialists and vice versa. We simply think they’re amazing and talented doctors and they think Sherpaa is doing the right thing for healthcare. We believe our partners, like Dr. Buka, consistently provide a wonderful experience for our clients. And that’s what Sherpaa is all about, guiding you to wonderful health professionals that believe in a proper patient experience.

What’s your favorite thing about being a doctor?

Patient stories always mesmerize me. Sometimes it’s “you won’t believe how I got this rash,” sometimes it’s “check out my new magic trick,” but I’m forever amazed by meeting thousands of new people every year. After all, the skin conditions never change, but patients always do.

What makes NYC special to you?

I’ve never had the same day twice in this City. I’ve trained all over the States and abroad – Chicago, San Diego, Phnom Penh – but there’s something about the breadth of “people experience” here that makes it the most remarkable place to live and work in the world.

Besides being a doctor, how do you spend your time?

I’ve been playing a ton of guitar lately. And learning to long board, but I forget my knee pads, so guitar’s been less bloody.

Tell us about your decision to become a doctor.

I used to volunteer in the Emergency Room at Mount Sinai Hospital when I was in high school. The energy there is addictive, like a medicine dance, every hand and stethoscope in the right place. I think that’s where I got hooked. Dermatology was an easy specialty to pick, because it’s such a visual, approachable field – I can make 95% of our diagnoses with my eyes only, without a single blood test. Try and say that to a cardiologist!

We all know healthcare is broken. What is it about Sherpaa that makes you feel like you’re part of the solution?

Healthcare remains our Nation’s largest dysfunction. As Americans, we’ve never been particularly good at moderation and now’s our time to reign in some mind-bending expenditures within medicine. That doesn’t mean we offer sub-standard care – it means we create smart, directed care. We can do that with technology and leaders that see a long-term vision for doctors and patients alike. Sherpaa gets it and takes us all a step in the right direction.

learn more at Dr. Bobby Buka

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