Exciting news: Sherpaa is expanding. We’re currently working with over 100 companies here in NYC and many of them have offices in other major cities in America. We’re building the nation’s first nationwide group of forward-thinking, exceptionally trained health professionals. Sure, there are massive lists of doctors out there you can find on your insurer’s website. But, nobody is curating that confusing, generic list of doctors to find exquisitely trained, mission-driven health professionals who believe healthcare can and should be a wonderful experience for patients. These doctors are rare, but they’re the secret to creating markedly better healthcare.

As Sherpaa expands to other cities, we understand that healthcare is hyperlocal— when you need to be seen by a doctor, you want one located in an office not too far away from you. Fortunately, with Sherpaa, we solve 70% of medical issues in house and online never needing to refer you to a doctor to be seen in person. But, for the other 30%, that means we rely on this tribe of forward-thinking health professionals in other major cities. If you are a health professional and you want to join the Sherpaa team of specialists we refer to, you can make that happen right here.

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