Here’s a real life Sherpaa story that we think is truly amazing. In his own words below, Joey describes how we were able to prevent his soccer injury from turning his night into a catastrophe:

I was playing soccer late one evening and I got kicked really hard in the face. There was a lot of blood and I had a deep cut over my left eye. It was a pretty bad situation. My two biggest concerns were: do I need stitches for this, and if so, do I need to go to the hospital right away to get that done? It was already 10:30pm as all of this was running through my head, and the idea of a 4-hour visit to the emergency room sounded like a complete nightmare.

Since I wasn’t sure what to do, I used my Sherpaa account to get in touch with a doctor. Dr. Santana replied within a few minutes and I told her what happened. She asked me to take a picture of my eye. I sent her the first photo above and she let me know I definitely needed to get stitches. She also mentioned that with lacerations to the face, it’s preferable to get the stitches done by a plastic surgeon to make sure the scarring is very minimal. She immediately gave me a referral to a plastic surgeon, Dr. Adam Kolker.

To my surprise, I was able to get in touch with Dr. Kolker – it was already 11pm at night at that point. He was very thoughtful and reassuring over the phone, and explained that it would be perfectly OK for me to wait until the morning to get stitched up. He gave me instructions on how to take care of the wound in the meantime and set up an appointment for me to see him at 8am the next morning.

This was amazing to me: not only did I have the comfort of knowing that I would receive amazing care in the morning, but I also avoided the emergency room completely. Instead, I went home and was in bed before midnight.

Dr. Kolker was fantastic the next morning – I was in and out of his office in less than 30 minutes. I didn’t have to miss any time at work or lose a bunch of sleep waiting in the ER to be seen.

Sherpaa, Dr. Santana and Dr. Kolker were fantastic for me for two major reasons. First, I ended up getting really great care: I didn’t have to research who to go to, while bleeding from a laceration on my face. That was all taken care of by Sherpaa. Second, I was able to get professional, expert medical advice late at night that saved me a whole lot of time and annoyance and a visit to the emergency room. It’s tough to really understand how important both of those things are until you’re in the moment and it’s happening.

Dr. Santana also checked in on me via my Sherpaa account the next day, and I happily sent her the second photo above. It was really nice to have that kind of follow-up. The whole experience could not have been more seamless for me.

To learn more about how Sherpaa helps our clients, click here.

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