When Adrian, a client of ours, contacted Sherpaa with swelling and a sharp pain in his right foot, he wasn’t sure if it was something to worry about. He was moving around well enough, continuing with his exercise regimen, and already knew a podiatrist. But instead of scheduling, waiting, and paying for a doctor’s appointment, he contacted Sherpaa first.

Our doctors responded right away with a number of diagnostic questions, a few are listed below:

And what followed was simple:

  • Based on Adrian’s answers, Dr. Santana ordered an X-ray, no appointment necessary.
  • Adrian walked in the same day, got his X-ray and a copy of the films.
  • Within a half hour, Dr. Santana had the results: a fracture at the base of his fourth toe.
  • Adrian went to his podiatrist the next day, and his toe was set to heal in four to eight weeks.

One of our Sherpaa Doctors reminded us recently that pain is your body telling you to slow down. All Adrian had to do was listen, send us a message, and allow us to handle the rest.

We’re really glad Adrian had the x-ray taken, too. Stress fractures, if left untreated, can cause the bone to break apart completely.

Though our doctor-client interactions rarely stray from the phone or our messaging app, we strive for quick and comprehensive care. Just by spending a few minutes in contact with Sherpaa and an hour or so with a doctor and radiologist, Adrian identified a potentially harmful injury that at first seemed benign, then had it taken care of in no time.

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