Sherpaa Saved My Vacation

Falling ill while traveling is a terrible way to experience a vacation. Where do you go, who should you see when you’re in unfamiliar territory? What if it’s a holiday?

Here’s a Sherpaa story from one of our clients who found Sherpaa to be extremely helpful when traveling:

I was on vacation in West Texas when I broke out in a terrible rash. I tried the walk-in clinic but, being a Sunday, it was closed and the only doctor in town had office hours one hour a day and wasn’t available on weekends.

At this point I contacted Sherpaa, and within minutes a physician responded asking me to send photos of the rash. We spoke two or three times that afternoon and she made the diagnosis and called in a prescription for me. She also came up with a temporary solution which gave me immediate relief until I could get to a pharmacy. Sherpaa saved my vacation!

Sherpaa is a great urban anxiety reducer. In the past six months I have used Sherpaa three times, and always have a real sense of caring from the team. It is incredibly easy to access a physician for prompt attention. I can feel the amazing bedside manner over the Internet.

There is an incredible savings in both cost and time to using Sherpaa. It eliminates the time of waiting to get an appointment and sitting in the doctor’s waiting room… time that is put to better use at work and with family and friends. I used to dread getting sick or needing a prescription or refill, but with Sherpaa I have a new peace of mind.

– Stephanie M.

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