Sherpaa And The Future Of Healthcare

“I used Sherpaa for this first time today. In case you’re not familiar with Sherpaa, it’s a service targeted at companies as a healthcare accompaniment, or as they simply put it “smarter healthcare”.

After a workout this morning I started feeling a pain in my neck and upper right shoulder. It could have been from sleeping weird or it could have been from the workout I just finished. Either way it was there. Once I got into work I logged in to Sherpaa, described what I was experiencing in detail and submitted my request.

An hour or so later I was talking to a doctor who was asking very specific follow-up questions. Thirty minutes later I had a preliminary diagnosis of a muscle spasm, and had a script for some muscle relaxants which the doctor called in to my pharmacy. On my way home I picked them up.

I didn’t have to make an appointment or visit a doctor. In fact, the doctor didn’t even have to be in an office they could have done all this from their home.

Using Sherpaa was a great experience. It made me think about what the future of doctor visits might look like. With the right products e-guided examinations and prognosis don’t seem too far off.

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Thank you for sharing your story, Christian!

An interesting fact: all of our doctors actually do work from our office here in Soho. Unlike other telehealth providers, our doctors work solely for Sherpaa, and are dedicated to our clients and our clients only.

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