Sherpaa helps figure out where you start with healthcare

After less than a week of launching Sherpaa to individuals in 34 states, a pattern is emerging. First of all, people are signing up and creating a case that day. Of course, that makes sense. But we’re seeing a large cohort of people who are becoming Sherpaa members because they have something seriously wrong that’s been brewing for a month or two, they need in-depth care, but they just don’t know where to start. They don’t know who or what they need. They just know that something is very wrong. So they become a Sherpaa member and our doctors get an understanding and begin suspecting what’s going on. Naturally, because these issues are often serious, Sherpaa doctors go into care coordination mode and begin arranging care with the right surgeons and specialists to build the right team to diagnose and treat the problem as quickly as possible. Instead of being on your own, doctor shopping and being told there’s a 4 week wait to get in to see the specialist, your care team is built and doctor-to-doctor calls are made on your behalf to get you in within a day or two. And once you’ve gone to see the specialists, because our doctors were arranging the care, they are sent the specialist report and this report appears as a new file added to your case within Sherpaa’s app.

I’m extremely proud of what we’ve built. It’s important and does meaningful things in people’s lives. That’s why our team loves doing what we do. It’s a whole new way of practicing medicine, but it’s something we’ve been honing for almost 5 years. I’m just happy it’s working better than expected.

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